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Sermon Slides  Settling Down in Love_Slides Sermon Summary Settling Down in Love_Summary
Sermon Slides Stepping Out in Faith_Slides Sermon Summary Stepping Out in Faith_Summary
Sermon Slides Relationships: Make or Break?_Slides Sermon Summary Relationships: Make or Break?_Summary
Sermon Slides Marriage: Chemistry or Covenant_Slides Sermon Summary Marriage: Chemistry or Covenant_Summary
Sermon Slides Sermon Summary The Servant's Heart_Summary
Sermon Slides The Master At Work_Slides Sermon Summary The Master At Work_Summary  
Sermon Slides The Performance Trap_Slides Sermon Summary The Performance Trap_Summary
Sermon Slides Call That Lifts You Upward_Slides Sermon Summary
Sermon Slides The Call That Propels You Forward_Slides Sermon Summary The Call That Propels You Forward_Summary
Sermon Slides The Call That Turns You Around_Slides Sermon Summary The Call That Turns You Around_Summary
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Sunday Service Suspended Temporarily 

Due to the COVID-19 situation, our weekly Sunday Service meetings will be suspended for 2 Sundays (22nd & 29th Mar). Our services will instead be broadcasted live onto our Facebook page, so do join us there!
Announcement to Agape Baptist Church regarding the Suspension of Church Services for 2 Sundays - Letter